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Bradys With Guns

 Moonshine County Express
Blue Ruin
Prime Target

Friday, July 24, 2015

From Variety: June 23, 1993

New team to rewrite ‘Brady’
by Andy Marx

 Screenwriter Laurice Elehwany and television writer Rick Copp have been hired to write the latest draft of Paramount Pictures’ “Brady Bunch” feature being developed by producer David Kirkpatrick, sources confirmed Tuesday.
     Elehwany, who penned 1991’s “My Girl,” and Copp are picking up the screenwriting chores from Sherwood and Lloyd Schwartz, who have written a first draft of the script.Sherwood Schwarz, who developed the “Brady” TV series, and his son, Lloyd, will also serve as the film’s executive producers.
     Described as “The Brady Bunch” meets “Desperate Hours,” the feature is about a gang of escaped prisoners who hide out in the Brady house for the weekend and hold the family hostage.
According to a source close to the production, Elehwany and Copp were hired to bring more of a parody element to the script.
     “The Brady family will talk, walk and act like it’s 1974,” said the source, “but they live in the ’90s. The comedy will come from that situation.”

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Brady Bunch Postcards (Front and Back)

Sent out to fans in response to fan mail.

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Photo Editor Asleep On The Job

Dawn: Portrait of A Teenage Runaway, 1977

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Paul Winchell as Skip Farnum


ep. "And Now, a Word From Our Sponsor"

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ABC Fall 1970

Nanny and the Professor
The Partridge Family

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Bobby, David, Peter

Patrick Adiarte

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