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In Hawaii

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Cutting Corners

This scene in Mike's Den in "The  Power Of The Press" was clearly done in a hurry.  Rather than reset the camera and lights for the reverse angle for Chris Knight's close-up, the actors themselves just changed position. The same curtain and window are behind both of them. So many factors could have contributed to this decision. Also, when working with children they can only work a certain number of  hours a day, so this would save a lot of time, and money. 

When watching film and TV, there is a suspension of disbelief takes over, and this can go unnoticed, but if you look, it's pretty silly.  In the Chris Knight shot, there is no window on that side of the room, and I'm not sure why they didn't take Mike's desk out of the frame.

Brady fans know exactly what this room looks like, but here is a shot, from the same episode, of that side of the room.

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Eve Plumb Very Brady Reno Times Square Video Link

Eve Plumb's Times Square Video Link 


Photo by Kenny Wallace

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"Chopped" Food Network 2019

Susan Olsen, Christopher Knight, Maureen McCormick with host Ted Allen