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The Brady Brides Lost Episode

The Brady Brides was cancelled after 6 half hour episodes were produced. It looks like this complete script would have been the next one to be filmed.

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Ron Kuhlman

With original cast members of A Chorus Line

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Brady Bunch Pilot Call Sheet

Unfortunately, this is a very poor quality copy of The Brady Bunch pilot script call sheet. 
Dated October 11, 1968. 
Although The Brady Bunch series was filmed on the Paramount lot at 5555 Melrose, the pilot interiors were shot in Culver City. This was at a studio called 40 Acres, which was owned by Desilu and sold to Paramount in 1967. Star Trek also filmed on this lot, which explains why The Brady kids and Florence Henderson have reminisced about seeing Star Trek sets, and Florence has spoken of being in their make-up chair for her screen test.
 It is now known as "Culver Studios".