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Robert Reed "Hondo"

Robert Reed "Barnaby Jones"

"Death Beat" Season 6, Episode 1 With Buddy Ebsen and Anne Lockhart

Robert Reed "Ironside"

Robert Reed, Katharine Crawford, "Ironside" 1967

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Brady Bunch 1970 Press

Rochester Democrat and Chronical TV Tab, June 21, 1970

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Guest Star Gigi Perreau

Episode #18 "The Undergraduate"

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Betty Thomas "The Brady Bunch Movie"

Betty Thomas, Olivia Hack, Shelley Long, Gary Cole

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Monty Margetts, The One Who Was Almost Alice

"Monty had played a lot of comedy, and I felt secure in casting her as the housekeeper... When Florence was cast as Mrs. Brady, that change affected the role of Alice... and felt we had to sign an actress with greater proven comic ability." -- Sherwood Schwartz
Monty in 'Opie Steps Up in Class'  from "The Andy Griffith Show", with Frances Bavier